Need well-written content that gets people engaged with your brand?

Hi, I'm Therese, a freelance content writer who's here to help!

I write articles and blog posts that boost engagement and leads for marketing agencies and SaaS companies.

While I specialize in writing about marketing from an entertainment & pop culture angle, I also have experience in hospitality & tech!

Why Me?

Before becoming a freelance writer, I crafted and implemented marketing strategies as a Marketing Manager. Thriving in entrepreneurial brands where I was able to wear “multiple hats,” I particularly fell in love with the creative process of writing content. Now, with my strong background in strategy, I’m here to help you develop content that achieves your marketing goals.

Click this line to see my resume to learn more details about my experience!

I’ve been in your shoes and know all about the complications that can come with hiring freelancers. That’s why I make it my personal mission to be a partner that my clients can trust wholeheartedly. With well-written content, prompt delivery, and clear communication, working with me is a breeze.

By studying & understanding your audience, I write socially relevant copy that resonates and boosts engagement. I also have a knack for capturing a brand’s unique voice, so I can make my copy work perfectly with the rest of your content!

Beyond The Content Writer

When I’m not working to create engaging content for my clients, you can probably find me:

  • Scoring killer concert tickets (My friends don’t call me Ticketmaster for nothing!)
  • Trying to teach myself Spanish and Korean
  • Indulging in some good ol’ historical fiction books and TV (Outlander fans, anyone?) 
  • Jamming to the latest BTS album
  • Re-watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier for the 50th time
  • Drinking piña coladas & getting caught in the rain